pywebserve aims to expose a local directory to the world. Initially made to make the Bcfg2 repository accessible via a web browser can pywebserve now be used to publish a given directory. Nowadays pywebserve is an example web server for the Fedora Security Lab Test Bench.

If you just want to turn a directory in your system into your web server directory. Type:

The issue is that you only can kill the server by hitting Ctrl + c. Wouldn’t it be nicer to control the server when its run as daemon?

The idea behind pywebserve is to use the build-in HTTP server functionality of Python combined with a service library (in the first place python-supay was used, now pywebserve is controlled by systemd).


  • No need to mess with setting up apache or something similar
  • Controllable (start, stop, and status)


  • python
  • Operating system with systemd support


The source is available at:

pyswebserve is licensed under MIT, for more details check COPYING.