Open Source

Free software is often mislabeled as “software you can obtain and use at zero price”, as “free” in English means both freedom as well as “gratis”. Free software is never at zero cost. You are paying one way or the other, whether you realize it or not. To make it clear, you are not paying for license fees but you have to invest in your employees and sometimes in consulting.

The more important thing by using free software product is that sustainability is increased. The knowledge inside your company grow because the people are more involved, and you have a chance that your voice is heard from those working on or with the same product as you do.

Much more effectiveness and much more efficiency are side effect. No need to reinvent the wheel again and again.

Supported projects

  • Fedora Project (Packages, code, translations, administration, and project management)
  • Alpine Linux (Packages, code, features, code)
  • Breakout.js(Code, examples, and documentation)
  • Bcfg2 (Code, man pages, manual)
  • Ansible (Code)
  • Swissjabber (Administration and bots)
  • many other projects (Code, patches, translations, and documentation)