Jabber bots

Jabber bot can be very useful. All those bots are based on python-jabberbot, a Jabber bot framework for Python.

  • This bot is capable to display details about the system it is running on. If you don’t want or can stay connected through SSH all the time this is an easy way to get information about the remote system.

    For more details, please check the pysysbot website.

  • Be aware: This tool was in alpha state and is no longer working. DRS3 is now SRF 3.

    Like a lot of radio stations in the world DRS3 is publishing the details about the played song on their website. DRSbot is able to send the artist name and the song title that is played at the moment on command to your XMPP account.

    DRSbot is licensed under GPLv3+, for more details check COPYING.


    • Displays the artist name and the song name
    • No need to go to the website anymore


    • python-jabberbot
    • Beautifulsoup


    The source is available at:

  • For the Python bot tutorial a bunch of bots were made always on the same base structure but for different purposes.

  • pyBot was the first very simple jabber bot which was made for the Swissjabber Tutorial serie.