Mechanical Engineering

The list below show some example projects which were made for various customers. Some are just concepts and others were proceeded to a very detailed state.

  • A lot of hikers and other outdoor addicted are carrying some sort of cooking device around. The requirements of such a device are simple: it must be light, easy to maintain, and long-living. The material should be stainless steel because of its good resistance against fire and water.

    The customer wanted to produce the parts of the cooker out of left over material from his regular business.


    All parts of the cooker are pluggable. No screws and no tools needed. The manufacturing of all parts can be done on a multi-axis laser cutting machine.The weight is 0.5 kg and the size of the cooker is just enough for a 2-3 l pan.




  • There are several systems available to weight trains on railroad tracks. Some system can be passed with high speed, others are built to have maximum accuracy. All systems have in common that they need to be very robust because there are temperature fluctuations, weather influences, high mechanical loads, and dynamic leverages.

    It’s undesirable that the rails are splitted. But splitted rails is a requirement for static scales with a high accuracy. Every axis or every bogie will be handled separately on the scale while the whole train is moving slowly.

    Dynamic scales are built for high speed passing but the accuracy is lower than the one of a static scale. There is no clearance between the rails. Due to the missing clearance no hits appears and the passage is smooth.


    The combination of the advantages of the static and the dynamic system leads to a new concept that is passable with high speed and provides an accuracy that is sufficient.

    track01 track03 track02 track04

  • Euro pallet are constructions out of wood. Those pallets are standardized in their dimension and layout for easy handling with forklifts and transport systems. In every transport system is one or more bottlenecks present. Often those shortages are before extraction points. Rear-ending of the pallets is unwanted because the load should remain in the placement onto of the pallets.


    One requirement for the system was that it should be able to jam several pallets. To achieve this we decided to choose a modular approach. Every unit has its own drive and can be added to a master controlling system.


    For installations direct on the floor a low profile is wished. To change the height of the transporting level only the carrying structure out of standard aluminum profile needs to be adapted.



    Pallet flow


    Erection process


  • In modern laser units the laser beam is folded to save space. At every end of the cavity mirrors are used to divert the beam and guide it to the coupling out unit. To achieve a good degree of efficiency the beam route needs to have minimal aberration from the ideal path.

    In operational mode the system is heating up. Normal laser housing have the problem that this heat generate a linear extension. Due to this extension the housing is twisting around the supports. The position of the mirrors at the end of the housing are moving out of their ideal location.

    While assembling the unit and for maintenance purposes the cavity needs openings in the size of a human hand.


    The cavity housing needs to have a very good torsion stiffness. Rectangular profiles are the right choice for this. The openings are placed between the cross beams of the arrangement of the laser configuration.



    Below is an approach for the cooling of the cavity shown. A multi-layer construction provides a clearance for a cooling fluid.


    Different dimensions of the fluid clearance guarantees optimal flow.


  • There are many soap dispenser on the market. The job was to develop a new concept of a dispenser. The bottle with the soap needs to be replaced fast and should remain in good condition for refurbish. This means that the air which replace the soap in the bottle needs to go through the dispenser exhaust.


    The basic outline of the soap dispenser is simple and optimized for easy production. The design is very minimalistic.

    A detailed view of the dispenser part.


    assembly001 assembly002

  • There are many solution out there to store bikes in the garage or the basement.  Some are space savers, others not.  Some are expensive, others are very cheap and shaky.

    The functionality

    • Two positions (usage position and parking position)
    • Fixation in parking position
    • No maintenance
    • Easy to remove from the wall and reusable just new screws are needed
    • No new scratches for the bike

    The design

    Reduction to the minimum was one requirement. This means not more than five parts. Parking position if the support is not needed and enough stability to carry 15 kg.

  • Mechanical pendulum clock are impression constructions. No electrical parts, precision mechanics, and long-lasting. Due to lack of electrical components the power for the drive needs to be store in kinematic elements like a springs or weight.


    The job was to evaluate two concepts for a pendulum clock drive.

    idea01 idea02