The area of expertise of Affolter Engineering are covering the mechanical engineering sector, physical computing, system engineering, and software development. This interdisciplinary background enables Affolter Engineering to provide custom-made solutions based on open source and open standard technology for a wide-area of problems.

Software development

When ever possible Affolter Engineering follows the Open Source idea when developing tools or software components. We develop software with the matching project management and development methodologies in various programming languages.

Provisioning / Configuration management / Visualization

The Fedora Security Lab Test bench which is developed by Affolter Engineering is a very good show case about what is possible with visualization, provisioning, and configuration management.

Software packaging

Affolter Engineering have a lot of experience in software packaging. Beside the packaging as RPM (Fedora and its downstream (RHEL and clones)) and APK (Alpine Linux) there is also knowledge about Python’s setuptools present.

Physical computing

Today’s available physical computing platform makes it possible to build complex prototype system for a very low price. Those systems can provide functionality which usually only is available in high-end hardware.