• Affolter Engineering

    Melchtalstrasse 7

    3014 Bern, Switzerland

    • Phone: +41 31 51 10 660
    • E-Mail: mail@affolter-engineering.ch
    • Fingerprint: 65A2 2890 8790 1BBE 6993 84BF C34C FD15 2892 323E
    • Company No.: CHE-496.151.286

  • The first idea of the foundation of an engineering and informatics consulting company came up in the year 2000. After the making of some web pages for customers I decided to found Affolter Engineering. At the end of 2000 Affolter Engineering was then founded as a single-member company. Most companies and public offices are not very comfortable to deal with private persons in consulting and engineering matters. They prefer to work with other companies.

    During my first studies between 2000 and 2003 the main target was the engineering of mechanical components in different kind of sectors. From climbing equipment to sanitation. In that particular period in time no information technology stuff was done.

    In 2005 the engagement in the Open source world became strong, especially for the Fedora Project. During Fabian’s studies at the Berne University of Applied Sciences a lot of contributions were made the Fedora Project. He worked on a variety of tasks, including translations, administration of new members, establishing new work flows for the community, website publishing, and statistics. He also maintains a huge number of packages in the Fedora repository.

    In autumn 2010 the domain name affolter-engineering.ch was registered and a lot of stuff was moved over from the old website at http://www.bernewireless.net.